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Superior Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. provides cleaning, emergency restoration, and home construction to residents in Encinitas, CA. Discover why our certified experience and satisfaction guarantee have earned SCR the reputation as Encinitas' best carpet cleaning, mold removal, and water damage restoration company. SCR also offers Encinitas a Construction Division for all of your home remodeling, renovation, addition, flooring, and painting needs. Regional office = SCR San Diego: (619) 342-7260

Cleaning Services in Encinitas, CA

SCR has been offering various cleaning services to the Encinitas community for years. From carpet cleaning to air duct cleaning, SCR cleans everything. We specialize in removing the toughest stains (that even includes wine stains, pet stains, and any other unwanted stains you may have). Our motto says it says it all, "We don't cut corners, we clean them"! If you're looking for the following services, then please give us a call today:

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Emergency Restoration in Encinitas, CA

SCR also provides emergency restoration services for any Encinitas resident who is in desperate need of immediate assistance. From water damage restoration to smoke damage repair, SCR can restore even the most horrendous conditions. From start to finish, we specialize in all aspects of the emergency restoration process. If you're in need of the following emergency restoration services, then be sure to utilize our 24/7 support by calling your regional office:

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Home Construction in Encinitas, CA

SCR is proud to introduce Encinitas to our brand new home construction division. From home remodeling to flooring and tile, and from home additions to painting and texture, SCR can help you to upgrade your home's condition. Our team of contractors offer wide-ranging, certified experience in many areas of home construction. If you're thinking about hiring someone for the following, then don't hesitate to receive a free estimate from us today:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Home Renovation
  • Home Additions
  • Add Ons
  • Flooring
  • Tile
  • Painting
  • Texture
  • Other Home Construction

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Encinitas Trivial Knowledge:

Encinitas is a coastal beachfront town in San Diego County, California. Nicely situated within Southern California, it happens to be nearly twenty-five driving miles to the North of San Diego in North County and approximately ninety-five driving miles to the South of Los Angeles. According to the 2010 census report, the town enjoyed a human population of 59,518, which was up from 58,014 at the time of the 2000 census report. The most abundant single industry in the town is the growth of decorative garden flowers, primarily poinsettias for year-round holidays.

Encinitas sits on rugged coastal terrain. The town itself can be separated into 5 regions including Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Leucadia, and additionally Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The town is bisected by a low lying coastal ridge that divides New and Old Encinitas. In the North of the town, the coastline increases in elevation, in fact the area is elevated up in the shape of several coastal bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Encinitas is overlooking Batiquitos Lagoon as well as San Elijo Lagoon to the North and South, respectively.

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Superior Cleaning & Restoration offers water damage, mold removal, and various cleaning services throughout California; Nevada; and Florida. Call us toll-free if you need assistance. For emergencies, our operators are standing by 24/7.

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