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Mold Removal + Remediation in Southern California

Mold Removal + Remediation in Southern California

Mold/mildew can cause major health issues. Superior Cleaning & Restoration Inc. can help with mold/mildew remediation and mold/mildew prevention. Your indoor air quality is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. You must take action to address all mold, mildew, bacteria or odors that affect your environment to protect your family and property.

When it comes to mold removal and remmediation, Southern California home and business owners entrust Superior Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. Often, when moisture levels are too high, mold removal and remediation is needed. When moisture reaches a certain level and the environment is right, mold and mildew can germinate and grow on the surface of virtually any material. Surface molds and mildews can feed on the dusts and soils present across every interior surface, including carpets.

If you’ve experienced water damage or flooding, then our Superior Cleaning & Restoration services team can visit your property to determine if you are in need of mold removal and remediation.

Our Mold Removal and Remediation Process

The mold removal process begins with setting up a containment room, which completely secures the affected area. This allows access for our technicians to work while keeping the area completely sealed, stopping mold spores from escaping to other areas of your home or business. Effective removal can resolve your problem, no matter how long the mold has been developing within the structure.

Our mold removal and remediation technicians are guarded from the mold using their personal protective equipment including disposable coveralls, gloves and a respirator. Once inside the containment room, our technicians begin demolition or “tear outs” of the mold-infected building structures, including flooring, drywall and baseboards where necessary. The materials are then placed in plastic hazardous material bags, and all debris from the job is safely disposed of offsite. Negative air scrubbers are then set up to purify the air within the containment room and to create negative air pressure to contain mold spores.

Next in the process of mold removal and remediation, SCR technicians prepare the contaminated area for a mold clearance test which includes sanding and wire brushing all affected structures and wiping them down with an anti-microbial agent. Once the affected area is clean, a mold clearance test is performed on the affected materials to make sure the mold has been completely removed.

Give us a call for professional, safe and guaranteed mold removal and remediation in Southern California to schedule your FREE service estimate.

Our Mold and Mildew Odor Removal Process

SCR is staffed with restoration technicians fully qualified and certified in Applied Microbial Remediation by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure highest-quality results.

If there is a smell of mold or mildew in a home or office, it has likely suffered some form of water damage, either by leaking pipes, appliances or from flooding. Left unchecked, this situation is not only unpleasant because of the noxious smell but also a known health hazard for occupants. It may also include structural damage.

The full process for mold removal is fairly involved and requires special protective gear, containment of exposed areas, removal and disposal of hazardous materials, anti-microbial cleansing and testing. To schedule an appointment with a SCR expert or receive an estimate for mold or mildew removal, please contact a regional office today.

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