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Best Tile And Grout Cleaning Services In Anaheim Hills

Superior Cleaning and Restoration Inc. has for years been the one stop solution for the good people of Anaheim Hills. Our team is well equipped to be able to clean and seal all types of tiles and stones. Varying types from marble to porcelain, granite to travertine, our skilled technicians are well trained in the processes of stripping, cleaning as well as sealing the stone. For those who are suffering from the occurrence of dirty grout, do not fret, we can easily and thoroughly clean the grime out that gets stuck between the tiles and stones, to give you those perfect pristine lines that were present when they were originally laid.

Cleaning stones, tiles and grout can be a challenging task. The reason being that the dirt, dust particles and even cleaning solutions can accumulate on and between your tiles which makes them look lack luster and give them a filthy appearance.

Not only does debris collection dis-color tiles but it also gives them a grimy appearance. Since traditional methods are not of much use when it comes to cleaning stubborn dirt, this is where we step in. Our team of highly trained professionals are capable of cleaning the stubborn debris that accumulates between the pores of tiles and stones, which other providers are unable to achieve.

At Superior Cleaning and Restoration Inc. we employ the usage of powerful equipment that are truck mounted and very effective at cleaning showers, floors and countertops. Our advanced and eco-friendly cleaning solutions aid our truck mount equipment.

Once the work of cleaning your tiles is complete, our technicians use penetrative sealers to protect the tiles and stones from the occurrence of stains and mildew.

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