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Superior Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. provides cleaning, emergency restoration, and home construction to residents in Joshua Tree, CA. Discover why our certified experience and satisfaction guarantee have earned SCR the reputation as Joshua Tree's best carpet cleaning, mold removal, and water damage restoration company. SCR also offers Joshua Tree a Construction Division for all of your home remodeling, renovation, addition, flooring, and painting needs. Regional office = SCR Ontario: (909) 545-8316

Water & Flood Damage Restoration in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California is a hiker and mountain climbers paradise. The constant climate and weather of the desert lead to a pleasant place to visit. This constant weather lulls the property owners into a false sense of security that can be quickly killed with a freak summer storm. Flooding and water damage has been recorded in Joshua Tree before, and it can happen again. Natural flooding can occur, but unnatural flooding is more likely to be the reason for you looking at our website today. Broken pipe? Reservoir flooding? Tanker truck crashed and fell over, spilling its contents into your living room? The professionals at Superior Cleaning and Restoration Inc. have the experience to deal with all of your water damage emergencies. Our experts are trained to clean, remediate, and restore your property to a superior state.

When are you available to help with my water damage emergency?

Superior Cleaning and Restoration available 24/7 for your water damage remediation needs. We understand the stress involved with completely restoring a property after flood and water damage. Our technicians are trained to handle every aspect of your water damage remediation.

Why is water damage remediation necessary? Doesn’t water just dry up?

This is a common misconception because surface water generally dries up with little to no visible water damage. However, when you are dealing with massive amounts of water soaking through the wood of your building, reconstruction and remodeling may be necessary to fully restore the property to a superior state. Superior Cleaning and Restoration Inc. prides itself on its superior service, and prompt results. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to repair. Call us now.

Are you a property owner of Joshua Tree, California who has been effected by flood and water damage? Don’t suffer another minute, call the experts at Superior Cleaning and Restoration Inc. now. We are available 24/7, accept many major insurance companies, and will work with you from the start of the restoration until the end. We will never leave you hanging.

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Superior Cleaning & Restoration offers water damage, mold removal, and various cleaning services throughout California; Nevada; and Florida. Call us toll-free if you need assistance. For emergencies, our operators are standing by 24/7.

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